Helping Your Business Grow and Succeed

Helping Your Business Grow and Succeed

Both small and medium-scale enterprises are going to struggle from day 1 up to the 5th year of its existence. None is guaranteed- not even the vast amount of resources and assets the owners may have. Not even their brilliant employees. Some businesses survive and succeed after 5 years but others don’t. The result is they lost a lot of money, effort, and time. 

Small Business Coaching With Mentoris Group

There are basically 5 stages to the growth of a business:

  • Existence – The business is in its infancy stage – looking for customers, how to deliver and sell its products,etc. Basically in its starting stage and if the rolling capital runs out, the business will not survive. 
  • Survival – After getting through the existence stage, the business now proves that it’s a thriving business entity and now faces issues such as maintaining cash flows to cover costs for wear and tear of assets and funds to finance growth.
  • Success – The owner moves on to other activities as accomplishments of the business starts to pour in. Or the owner may decide to use the extra cash for business expansion and growth.
  • Take-off – At this stage the key issues the owner is facing is how to grow rapidly and finance that growth 
  • Resource Maturity – This 5th stage sees the owner consolidating the financial gains made by his company. The business is now implementing sophisticated business strategies as it continually expands. 

Mentoris Group – Small Business Coaching Brisbane

We at Mentoris Group are aware of these small business coach brisbane stages in growth. Through our decades of solid business and executive leadership experience, we are able to help small and medium-sized enterprises achieve clarity and success. 

We see through the pain points each business is going through by tapping on our team of highly-trained and experienced business professionals and deploying their unique abilities and innovative ideas in helping our clients. 

Want us to give your business clarity in the direction and purpose of your business? Meet our founder and team by visiting our website Mentoris Group Brisbane

About Us

Our company’s purpose is to help clients create clarity & direction in the shortest possible time. We tapped into the skills and experience in business, leadership, strategy and mentoring, and we facilitate strategic conversations which help create much needed change and deliver lasting results.

Mentoris, a Brisbane based Business Strategy and Business Mentoring firm, brings a refreshing perspective to achieving success. The “think outside the square” and “keep it simple” approach helps identify even more options and value add opportunities for all clients. 

Our experience in this field is vast with over 25 years in both Australia and the UK. We work with business owners and leaders running businesses ranging from startups to SME’s. Our clients benefit from extensive insights, an easy going delivery style and a judgement free zone to deliver immediate results. Facilitating strategy days, running group workshops, resetting business strategy and mentoring leaders plays a key role in helping create change and get even more quality results.  Find out more at Mentoris Group Australia.

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