About Us

We Are Your Favourite Store.

Slight Nostalgia is a digital platform loved by millions of Millennial and Gen Z. We are a community of passionate and curious people. We create and post articles and news that are intriguing and informative; products and services that we love and use ourselves; expert advice on business and career, and inspiring stories from industry experts.


Our approach is open-minded and curious. We believe in getting the worth of our time and money. Hence, we make sure our readers get the best value for their invested time on our website. Our platform is your favourite destination for the latest news in business, finance, health, technology, entrepreneurship, and life.


Our Mission


Based in Sydney, our team consists of authors and writer from various corners of the world. We believe in bringing the BIG change in our society with our shared knowledge and experience. Our stories cover a huge array of stories, like how businesses make and shape their image in the international market, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, how to manage your finance, and much more.


In our 20+ years of industry experience, we’ve collaborated with top writer, bloggers, authors, entrepreneurs, brands, and media platforms. Slight Nostalgia conducts various social programs and competitions where thousands of students, business experts, health workers, and writers participate and showcase their skills.


Slight Nostalgia is your perfect breakfast-time-read with a warm cup of coffee and sweet chirping of birds in the background. We make sure to present our news and articles most positively and authentically.


How is Slight Nostalgia Funded?


Slight Nostalgia is funded independently through our business collaborations, readers, our advertisers. We are open to working with new writers and authors who are eager to share their knowledge and walk with us on the journey of the BIG change.


Want to write for us? Send in your samples at <email> or get on a call with our recruitment manager.