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Broker’s Intuition: Breakdown of SMSF Loans

With more Australians gearing towards the principle of Self-Managed Super Fund (or SMSF Loan), verifying the level of assurance is among the Aussie’s scope of personal scrutiny. Knowing the standards and regulations perhaps, covers the hesitation of the yet-to-be beneficiary of the mentioned loaning system. The underlying interest, and leverage rates may also vary from one company to another along with the minor variations amidst the process.

By definition, SMSF provides members the adequate funds they will meet the moment they retire (otherwise termed as ‘preservation age’) thus, directly benefiting the corporate trustees. In this essence, separating both personal business and financial concerns is a must, to validate your accountability as a beneficiary. 

Comparison of several SMSF-affiliated Banks in Australia:

As you shift into an SMSF account, it’s best to take note that several companies offer varying interest rates and loan-to-value ratio (LVR).

•An example of these SMSF companies is the Freedom Lend which offers 65%—75% LVR along with the 4.89% to 5.04% interest rate.

•Another corporation is the Liberty Financial SMSF with approximately 5.04% interest rate.

• Additionally, the well-known Australian loaning company, St. George grants also a competitive variable rate loan in which refinancers that borrows an amount of $250,000 and beyond can get a refinance cashback of up to $4,000 and have an LVR around 60% to 80%, but terms and conditions are yet to be assessed to better evaluate the trustee’s financial capacity.

• Athena Liberate Home Loan also raises its LVR from 70% to 80%(Owner occupier, P&I)

•Westpac Flexi First Option Home Loan integrates a regular home loan with branching features, and has a usual interest rate of 2.79%. Not only that, you could also borrow 95% of the property’s value that you’re intending to purchase through the Westpac Flexi First Option Home Loan. However, be aware that compensation with the Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) will be necessitated once your record exceeds the 80% LVR.

With few key exceptions, the negotiation of a certain property through utilization of an SMSF is the same with purchasing a rural property loan, yet particular restrictions might be at par with each lender, depending on which company they work in.

Introducing the Aid of Brokers:

On top of this, there are certain cases in which borrowers find it confusing and cumbersome to comprehend the process. Especially, with transacting a SMSF mortgage which is somewhat difficult considering its fines at stake ranging up to $200,000 but only if their arrangements aren’t properly organized. At this point, having the aid of a mortgage broker is probably the best idea or by simply looking out for SMSF seminars that the lender may offer.

By definition, a mortgage broker is a person or a corporate staff that does the mind-boggling work on your behalf by assisting your journey towards finding the most suitable home loan. Moreover, they also provide services that help you with almost everything from advising you with the best up-to-date home loan, to organizing your application and settlement of choice.

As a licensed home loan expert, they have access to a panel of lenders which offers certain home loans hence, they will find the most suitable mortgages for you, and will eventually help you with the application process all throughout the approval process and beyond common measures.

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