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5 Fun Holiday Party Games That Will Have Your Guests Laughing All Night

Once upon a time, in a land filled with twinkling lights and festive cheer, holiday party hosts faced the daunting task of entertaining their guests. The food was delightful, the drinks were flowing, but something was missing – that spark of laughter and joy that could transform an ordinary gathering into an unforgettable night. And so, they sought out ways to bring their parties to life, scouring far and wide for ideas that would ignite excitement and merriment amongst their friends and family.

In this enchanting article, we have compiled a list of five magical holiday party games guaranteed to deliver endless laughter throughout the evening. These games will not only test the creativity and skills of your guests but also foster camaraderie as they work together or compete against one another in lighthearted challenges. So say goodbye to those mundane holiday gatherings – these fun-filled activities are sure to be the talk of the town long after the last snowflake has fallen!

The Great Gift Wrap Relay

You can’t go wrong with the hilarious Great Gift Wrap Relay at your festive gathering! This game involves wrap teamwork, speedy wrapping, creative techniques, and relay strategies that will have everyone in stitches. The goal is simple: teams race against each other to wrap a series of gifts as quickly as possible. But there’s a catch – each person can only use one hand, forcing participants to rely on their teammates for assistance.

As the excitement builds, guests will come up with ingenious ways to work together and test their wrapping skills under pressure. Creative techniques emerge as players hold tape rolls between their teeth or precariously balance scissors on fingertips. The laughter intensifies when it’s time for the unwrapping twist – teams must now unwrap the gifts they just wrapped, still using only one hand per person!

The Great Gift Wrap Relay not only tests your friends’ and family’s ability to think on their feet but also creates lasting memories of pure holiday fun. As guests reminisce about their unique relay strategies and giggle over crumpled gift wrap strewn across the room, they’ll be eager for more entertainment. Luckily, you’ve got them covered with another round of laughs by transitioning into festive charades!

Festive Charades

Festive Charades is a classic game that’s guaranteed to bring about an amusing and lively atmosphere at any seasonal gathering. Much like its popular counterparts Holiday Pictionary, Festive Headbands, Christmas Taboo, Carol Lip Reading, and Elf Trivia, it combines the holiday spirit with a fun and competitive edge. The beauty of this game is that it can be easily adapted to fit the theme of your party or the interests of your guests.

To play Festive Charades, all you need is a list of holiday-themed words or phrases for players to act out. These could include traditional Christmas carols, festive movies or characters, winter activities, or even delicious seasonal treats. Divide your guests into two teams and have one person from each team take turns acting out their given word or phrase while their teammates try to guess what it is within a set time limit. As laughter fills the room, it will become apparent just how entertaining trying to mimic Santa Claus shimmying down a chimney or acting out Frosty the Snowman melting in front of a fireplace can truly be.

Incorporating twists and challenges into Festive Charades can make the game even more engaging for everyone involved. For example, you may choose to add in elements from other games such as Carol Lip Reading where players must silently mouth the lyrics to well-known holiday songs while their teammates attempt to decipher them. Or perhaps borrow ideas from Elf Trivia by incorporating questions related to festive pop culture and tradition into the charade prompts themselves. As guests continue laughing throughout this spirited competition, they’ll eagerly anticipate diving into another round of merriment with jingle bell toss up next on the agenda!

Jingle Bell Toss

It’s no surprise that Jingle Bell Toss is a crowd-pleaser, as 78% of people surveyed reported enjoying playing festive games during their holiday gatherings. This lively and entertaining game combines the joy of jingling bells with the thrill of friendly competition. To elevate the festivities even further, hosts can serve bell-themed cocktails like “Jingle Juice” or “Sleigh Bell Sours.” As guests sip on these delightful concoctions, they can share tossing techniques and strategies for the ultimate Jingle Bell Toss showdown.

In addition to being an uproarious game, Jingle Bell Toss also offers opportunities for creative expression through jingle bell crafts. Guests can customize their own jingle bells by painting them in festive colors or adding glittery designs. These personalized bells not only add a touch of holiday cheer to the game but also make fantastic keepsakes for friends and family to remember this special gathering. To keep everyone entertained while waiting for their turn at the toss, consider creating a holiday playlist featuring upbeat songs that will have everyone singing and dancing along.

To maintain excitement throughout the evening, be sure to introduce toss game variations such as blindfolded throws, team relays, or incorporating different sized bells with varying point values. These twists will challenge players’ skills while keeping everyone engaged and amused. As laughter fills the room and guests become more competitive in their quest for victory in Jingle Bell Toss, you’ll know your party is a smashing success! And just when they think it couldn’t get any better – it’s time to transition into another fun-filled activity: Santa’s Hat Stacking Challenge!

Santa’s Hat Stacking Challenge

Ready for another exhilarating activity? Try Santa’s Hat Stacking Challenge, where you’ll test your balancing skills and enjoy some friendly competition with loved ones. This game is perfect for guests of all ages and can be easily adapted to different skill levels. Plus, the festive nature of the game adds a touch of holiday cheer that everyone will appreciate.

To add an extra layer of fun to the game, consider incorporating hat customization into the mix. Provide an assortment of craft supplies like pompoms, stickers, glitter glue, and fabric markers so guests can personalize their Santa hats before diving into the competition. The speed stacking aspect of this challenge gets everyone excited as they race against each other to stack their customized hats in a specific sequence or pattern without toppling them over – laughter guaranteed!

As players compete in Santa’s Hat Stacking Challenge and showcase their creativity through hat customization, spectators will enjoy watching the action unfold. Encourage cheering and support from onlookers to make it even more engaging for participants! And once everyone has had their fill of stacking mayhem, segue seamlessly into another crowd-pleasing activity: an ugly sweater voting contest that will have guests marveling at each other’s fashionably questionable choices while casting their ballots for the most outrageous ensemble.

Ugly Sweater Voting Contest

You can’t help but feel the joy and amusement as you dive into an ugly sweater voting contest, embracing everyone’s hilariously unique fashion choices. This fun holiday party game is sure to have your guests laughing all night long as they cast their votes for the ugliest sweater present. Sweater customization plays a significant role in this game, as attendees embellish their festive tops with tinsel, ornaments, and even twinkling lights.

  1. Set up a voting station: Designate a specific area of the party space for guests to place anonymous ballots for their favorite ugly sweaters. Provide pens and small pieces of paper so that everyone can participate.
  2. Encourage creativity: Inspire guests to think outside the box when customizing their ugly sweaters by sharing examples or ideas beforehand. The more outrageous and over-the-top the designs are, the more laughter will fill the room.
  3. Offer winner prizes: To add a touch of friendly competition to this game, offer various prizes for different categories such as Most Festive, Ugliest Design, or Most Creative Use of Materials.

As your holiday party comes alive with vibrant colors and wild patterns from each uniquely customized sweater masterpiece, it becomes evident that there is no better way to spread cheer than through shared laughter in an ugly sweater voting contest. Awarding winner prizes not only ignites some spirited rivalry but also adds excitement throughout the evening while showcasing everyone’s comical holiday spirit. So go ahead – let loose and embrace those terribly tacky creations; it’s all part of creating unforgettable memories during this magical season!


Well, there you have it, folks. Five holiday party games guaranteed to transform even the grumpiest Grinch into a giggling elf. Say goodbye to awkward small talk and hello to festive frivolity!

So don your ugliest sweater, dust off those jingle bells, and get ready for a night of laughter and merriment. Remember, ’tis the season for making merry memories – or at least ones that’ll have you chuckling all year long.

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