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Helping Your Business Grow and Succeed

Both small and medium-scale enterprises are going to struggle from day 1 up to the 5th year of its existence. None is guaranteed- not even the vast amount of resources and assets the owners may have. Not even their brilliant employees. Some businesses survive and succeed after 5 years but others don’t. The result is they lost a lot of money, effort, and time.  There are basically 5 stages to the growth of a business: Existence - The business is in its infancy stage - looking for customers, how to deliver and sell its products,etc. Basically in its starting stage...
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The Different Flavours of the Myle Mini

What’s great about the Myle Mini Disposable pods is that it’s an all-in-one disposable vape. With a nicotine strength of 5 percent and an e juice capacity of 1.2ml. Depending on how fast and how deeply you inhale, there are approximately more than two hundred puffs from one Myle Mini Disposable device before it’s thrown away.  Even though it is small at less than 3 inches, it is nicely crafted for a quality feel and offers great flavours. It is sold in the shops and stores in packs of two.  Featuring a duckbill mouthpiece that makes up most of the...