Videos Games Are Good for Your Brain and Personality

There was a time when parents thought playing video games was not such a good thing for their kids. There are still many parents who still believe the same, but thought patterns are changing now. Modern studies have shown over and over how the right video games can help children improve certain brain functions. Here is a video game related quiz on that will assess your knowledge about games and their effects on the human brain. The good thing is that games help people learn many other practical lessons of life than just improve brain functions.

For example, one of the things that games teach children is failure and perseverance. Whether it is a puzzle game or an action game, there are certain missions that players have to complete and goals that they have to achieve. As the game progresses and difficulty level increases, people are made familiar with “failure”. However, their persistent attempt to complete the mission teaches them about perseverance. First person shooting games (a genre of game where the player sees through the eyes of the character) help individuals become more observant of their surroundings.

In addition to improving player personality, video games can help them boost their cognitive functionality as well. Most action games require players to move through difficult scenarios, respond quickly to difficult situations and observe the world around them in great detail. This quality of video games helps players process visual information at much greater speeds than people who don’t play games. What this means is that when video gamers are in a situation where they have to take a quick decision based on the visual scenario in front of them, they will grasp the situation faster and take a decision quickly too.

Games can also help adults and children solve problems quickly. This skill can be developed by playing puzzle games. 3D games, according to the recent studies, help players boost their memories as well. However, you should not completely indulge yourself in computer and video games. Other important things you should pay attention to include healthy lifestyle, exercising, education, etc. How about you take a few quizzes on Health IQ to build your trust in these things?

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